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Alimentatore per Sony 80W
  • Alimentatore per Sony 80W

Sony compatible Power Adapter 80W 19.5V 4.1A

Mod. SO19541G-312 - Compatible Power Adapter for Sony Notebook. 80W output power....
  • SO19541G-312



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Compatible Power Adapter for Sony Notebook. 80W output power. Ensures the same reliability as the original one.

VulTech® - compatible Power Adapter for Sony Notebook ensures the same reliability and trustworthiness as the original one.

Reaches a 80W output power.

It is provided of protections to prevent short circuits, overload and high voltages.

Has passed the strict quality control and gained the CE certification, which has made it a trustworthy product.

The following list shows all possible compatible models. Compatibility is approximate.


Sony VaioPCG-CCN2
Sony VaioPCG-FR33
Sony VaioPCG-FR33/B
Sony VaioPCG-FR55
Sony VaioPCG-FR55/B
Sony VaioPCG-FR55E
Sony VaioPCG-FR55E/B
Sony VaioPCG-FR77E/B
Sony VaioPCG-GRS100
Sony VaioPCG-GRS150
Sony VaioPCG-GRS50/B
Sony VaioPCG-GRS500
Sony VaioPCG-GRS500/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRS52V/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRS55/B
Sony VaioPCG-GRS600
Sony VaioPCG-GRS70/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRS700
Sony VaioPCG-GRS71
Sony VaioPCG-GRS72
Sony VaioPCG-GRS75
Sony VaioPCG-GRS900
Sony VaioPCG-GRS900/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX102/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX51/BP
Sony VaioPCG-GRX52/GB
Sony VaioPCG-GRX520
Sony VaioPCG-GRX520K
Sony VaioPCG-GRX520P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX550
Sony VaioPCG-GRX560
Sony VaioPCG-GRX560K
Sony VaioPCG-GRX560P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX580
Sony VaioPCG-GRX580K
Sony VaioPCG-GRX580P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX590
Sony VaioPCG-GRX590R
Sony VaioPCG-GRX590RP
Sony VaioPCG-GRX650
Sony VaioPCG-GRX670
Sony VaioPCG-GRX690
Sony VaioPCG-GRX72
Sony VaioPCG-GRX81G/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX90/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX91G/P
Sony VaioPCG-GRX92G/P
Sony VaioPCG-NV170
Sony VaioPCG-NV170P
Sony VaioPCG-NV190P
Sony VaioPCG-NV55/BP
Sony VaioPCG-NV55E/B
Sony VaioPCG-NV77M/BP
Sony VaioPCG-NV90
Sony VaioPCG-NV90E
Sony VaioPCG-NV95EN
Sony VaioPCG-NV99E/B
Sony VaioPCG-NV99M/BP
Sony VaioPCG-R505D
Sony VaioPCG-R505DL
Sony VaioPCG-R505DS
Sony VaioPCG-R505DSK
Sony VaioPCG-R505DSP
Sony VaioPCG-R505E
Sony VaioPCG-R505EC
Sony VaioPCG-R505EL
Sony VaioPCG-R505EL/B
Sony VaioPCG-R505EL/S
Sony VaioPCG-R505ELK
Sony VaioPCG-R505ELKIT
Sony VaioPCG-R505ES
Sony VaioPCG-R505ESK
Sony VaioPCG-R505ESKIT
Sony VaioPCG-R505ESP
Sony VaioPCG-R505G
Sony VaioPCG-R505GC
Sony VaioPCG-R505GL
Sony VaioPCG-R505GLK
Sony VaioPCG-R505GLPRO
Sony Vaio PCG-RX570


Products in compliance with CE and RoHS according to the standard regulation.

Package contents:

- Power adapter

Power cable is not included.


Data sheet

Tensione in ingresso
100 - 240V
Tensione in uscita (Voltaggio)
Corrente in uscita (Amperaggio)
Dimensioni Esterne
Dimensioni Interne


Alimentatore dedicato

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