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USB 2.0 Card Reader SDXC
  • USB 2.0 Card Reader SDXC
  • USB 2.0 Card Reader SDXC
  • USB 2.0 Card Reader SDXC
  • USB 2.0 Card Reader SDXC

USB 2.0 Card Reader SDXC

Mod. CRX-01 - External Card Reader. Read/Write capacity up to 64GB, on all memory cards....
  • CRX-01



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VulTech® CRX-01 USB 2.0 External Card Reader is designed to read/write memory cards. The compact design and the small size makes the external card reader easy to carry.

Read/Write capacity up to 64GB, on all memory cards on the market.

Compliant with USB 2.0, the external card reader offers an easy and fast data transfer rate.  

Easy connection to the PC through a USB port. Thanks to Plug and Play function there is no driver installation required.  

Micro-SD (T-flash) slot to avoid the use of any adapters.

Full compatibility with all Windows versions.

Compatible with the following memory cards:

CF- Compact Flash / CF2 - Compact Flash 2CFUltra 2 / Compact Flash Ultra 2 / MD - Micro Drive /SMC -Smart MediaCardT-Flash - Trans Flash - Micro SD / Mini SD - Mini Secure Digital /SD - Secure Digital / SDUltra - Secure Digital Ultra /HS-MMC /MMC - Multimedia Card 2 /RS-MMC - Reduced Size MMC /MMC2 - Multimedia Card 2 /MSMGProDuo-Memory Stick Magic Gate ProDuoMSMGDuo - Memory Stick Magic Gate Duo / MSProDuoMemory Stck Pro Duo /MSDuo - Memory Stick Duo/MSMG -Memory Stick MagicGate /MSMGPro -Memory Stick Magic Gate Pro / MSPro - Memory Stick ProMS-Memory Stick.

Product in compliance with CE and RoHS according to CEE standards.

Package contents:

- External Card Reader


Data sheet

USB 2.0 ( retrocomaptibile 1.1 /1.0 )
Porta USB
Schede di Memoria Supportate
Micro SD - SD - TF flash - CF/CF2 - MS/MS DUO - MMC - XD ECC
Plug & Play
Velocità di Trasferimento
480 Mbps
Max Capacità di lettura
SDXC ( 64 GB )
Led di Stato
Plastica ABS
Trasferimento Dati
480 Mbps