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Universal USB power charger adapter - 220V 5V 2A
  • Universal USB power charger adapter - 220V 5V 2A

Universal USB power charger adapter - 220V 5V 2A

Mod. CC-02 - Universal USB power charger adapter. Very easy to use, suitable for any...
  • CC-02



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VulTech® Universal USB power charger adapter is perfect for any device provided with USB port, such as iPod, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, GPS navigator device, cameras, gaming devices and MP3 players.


Simply connect the USB cable of your device to any 220V AC power source.

Product in compliance with CE and RoHS according to CEE standards. 

Package contents:

- Universal USB power charger adapter – 2a


Data sheet

110 - 240V
USB Output
1 USB - 5V 2A
Surriscaldamento, sovracorrente e carica eccessiva
Plastica ABS
Led di Stato