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Cavo dati Sata 50 cm
  • Cavo dati Sata 50 cm

Sata Data Cable - 50 cm

Mod. SA7P05 - Sata Data Cable. Length: 50 cm. Copper-covered.
  • SA7P05



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VulTech® Sata Data Cable is 50 Cm in length and is perfect to connect electronic equipment.

Cable length: 50 cm. 7 Pin Connector (180°) to 7 Pin (180°) connector.

Copper-covered, excellent to connect any peripheral device such as Hard Disk, CD/DVD burner ecc

Product in compliance with CE and RoHS according to CEE standards.

Package contents:

- Sata Data Cable


Data sheet

Connettore 1
SATA 7 pin
Connettore 2
SATA 7 pin
Lunghezza cavo
50 cm