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Alimentatore Dedicato AP165366Z-218
  • Alimentatore Dedicato AP165366Z-218
  • Alimentatore Dedicato AP165366Z-218
  • Alimentatore Dedicato AP165366Z-218

Apple compatible Power Adapter - Magsafe2 60W 16.5V 3.65A

Mod. AP165366Z-218 - VulTech® - Universal Power Adapter for Apple notebooks, reaches a 60W...
  • AP165366Z-218



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VulTech® - Universal Power Adapter AP165366Z-218 for Apple notebooks, reaches a 45W output power and ensures the same reliability and trustworthiness as the original one. It is also provided of protections to prevent short circuits, overload and high voltages.

Passed the strict quality control and gained the CE certification.

**Compatibility list is approximate. We do recommend to check the following tech specs before proceeding the purchase:

Voltage (V) - Amperage (A) - Watt (W) – Connector Measures (mm)



MacBook Pro (13 inch )MD101xx/A MD314xx/A MD313xx/A MD102xx/A MC724xx/A MC700xx/A MC375xx/A MC374xx/A MB991xx/A MB990xx/A

MacBook Pro (15 inch) MC118xx/A

MacBook (13 inch) MC516xx/A MC207xx/A MC240LL/A MB881xx/A MB466xx/A MB467xx/A MB402xx/B MB402xx/A MB403xx/A MB404xx/A MB062xx/A MB063xx/A

MB061xx/A MB062xx/A MB063xx/A MA699xx/A MA700xx/A MA701xx/A MA254xx/A MA255xx/A MA472xx/A

Products in compliance with CE and RoHS according to the standard regulation.

Package contents:

- Power adapter

- Power plug included


Data sheet

Tensione in ingresso
100 - 240V
Tensione in uscita (Voltaggio)
Corrente in uscita (Amperaggio)
4,25 A
Tipo di Connettore
5 pin magnetico MagSafe 2