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Alimentatore Modulare 1000W - PFC Attivo
  • Alimentatore Modulare 1000W - PFC Attivo

1000W – Active PFC Modular Power Supply

Mod. GS-1000R - 1000W – Modular Power Supply. Perfect for Gaming and Workstation...
  • GS-1000R



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The 1000W – Modular Power Supply is the best solution for Gaming and Workstation in VulTech® Power Supply field.

The efficiency is estimated as 82% and boasts of the 80 Plus Bronze Certification.

The power supply reaches a 1000W output power and modular connections. Thanks to these modular connections, only the cables necessary to the assembly are needed. In this way internal space and PC ventilation are optimized and it is able to accommodate various hardware solutions.

The power supply is Sli and Crossfire certificated.

The cooling system is regulated by a transparent 14 cm thick Blue LED fan, thermo regulated, and rouses minimal noise.

The power supply includes protection systems to prevent from overloads, high voltages, short circuits (OVP – OCP – OPP).  In addition, ensures a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 100.000 hours work.

Before proceeding with your purchase we recommend you to check the video card required power and, in case of an additional power supply, if it requires 6 Pin connectors. The Company does not take any responsibility in case of irregular configuration.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend the use of this power supply, active PFC (APFC) equipped, with any UPS that does not have a perfect sine wave. If you use a UPS with a pseudo or square sine wave, the power supply can cause serious damage and cannot ensure high performance.

Products in compliance with CE and RoHS according to the standard regulation.

Package contents:

- n. 1 power cable.

- n. 1 Modular Power Supply.

- Connector Cables.

- Band clamps and screws.