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Alimentatore  HP19474H-312 per HP 90W
  • Alimentatore  HP19474H-312 per HP 90W

HP compatible Power Adapter - 90W 19V 4.74A

Mod. HP19474H-312 - Compatible Power Adapter for HP Notebook. 90W output power. Ensures...
  • HP19474H-312

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VulTech® - compatible Power Adapter for HP Notebook ensures the same reliability and trustworthiness as the original one.

Reaches a 90W output power.

It is provided of protections to prevent short circuits, overload and high voltages.

Has passed the strict quality control and gained the CE certification, which has made it a trustworthy product.

The following list shows all possible compatible models. Compatibility is approximate.


HP Pavilion: dv3,dv4, dv5,dv7:

HP G30
, G50, G60,G70

HP 2133Mini-Note:

HP Pro Book:
 :4310s,4410s, 4510s,4710s:

Compaq Presario:
 :CQ40,CQ45, CQ50, CQ60, CQ61,CQ70:

HP Compaq
2230s,2510p, 2710p, 6510b, 6515b, 6530b, 6530s, 6535b, 6535s, 6710b,6715b, 6720s, 6730b, 6730s, 6735b, 6735s, 6820s, 6830s, 6910p,8510p, 8510w, 8710p, 8710w, nc2400, nc4010, nc4200, nc4400, nc6120,nc6140, nc6220, nc6230, nc6320, nc6400, nc8230, nc82xx, nc8430,nw8240, nw82xx, nw8440, nw9440,nx6110, nx6115, nx6120, nx6125,nx6130, nx6310, nx6315, nx6320, nx6325, nx7300, nx7400, nx82xx,nx8420, nx9000, nx9420,tc4200, tc4400b

HP Elite Book6930p8730w 8530p 8530w 2730p2530p
HP Mini2140
HP Compaq2510p2710p 6510b 6530b : 6710b : 6715b 6715s 6730b : 6735b6735s 6910p 8510p 8510w 8710p 8710w nc4400 :nc6400
HP Elite Book6930p8530p 4510s 4515s4710s
HP HDXX16-1000HPHDX X16-1100 HP HDX X16-1200 HP Home NotebookPCs
HP G60-100 : G60-200 : G70-100G70-200
Compaq PresarioCQ40CQ45 CQ50-100 CQ60-100 CQ60-200CQ60-300CQ61-100 CQ70-100CQ70-200 :CQ71-100
HP Pavilion DV2-1000: dv3500dv3600 dv3-2000 dv4-1200 dv5-1000 dv5-1100 dv5-1200 dv6-1000dv6-1100 dv7-1000 dv7-1100 dv7-1200 dv7-2000

Products in compliance with CE and RoHS according to the standard regulation.

Package contents:

- Power adapter

Power cable is not included.


Data sheet

Tensione in ingresso
100 - 240V
Tensione in uscita (Voltaggio)
Corrente in uscita (Amperaggio)
Dimensioni Esterne
Dimensioni Interne